Frequently Asked Questions

What is open for business in Boise?

Almost everything! Boise is currently in stage 3 of Idaho’s Reopening Plan, which allows most businesses to resume or expand operations with restrictions as outlined in the governor’s guidelines. We are working with our attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses as they plan new ways to serve you, including limiting guest capacity, offering social distancing options, performing regular and thorough sanitation, and developing additional ways to stay healthy. We look forward to welcoming meeting and event attendees back to Boise, with a reminder that these state rules are in effect:

  • Masks are required in enclosed public spaces, though they can be removed for eating and drinking. Masks are also required in outdoor spaces when social distancing isn’t possible.
  • Social distancing of at least six feet is required both indoors and out. (Members of the same household are exempt from this requirement.)

Are Boise hotels open?

The majority of hotels are open and allowing travel to Boise. Hotels are focused on the health and safety of guests visiting during COVID. Specific hotels are working on hosting events while following safety guidelines. Each hotel has done a great job outlining their COVID-19 procedures and protocols on their websites. For details contact the hotels directly.

Are restaurants open for dining?

Restaurants are open for dining. However, they are instructed to follow these protocols established by the CDC.

Protocol to maintain six feet of physical distance among employees and patrons.

· Limit occupancy as necessary to maintain six feet physical distancing

· Space tables appropriately apart to keep patrons six feet apart while seated and moving in and out of chairs

· Reduce the use of waiting areas and lobbies as feasible

· Continue to keep playground areas closed

· Limit employee and patron contact by using a reservation or call ahead model and using contactless payment methods when possible

Protocol to reduce the risk of spread of the COVID-19 virus by training employees on cleaning and disinfection procedures, and protective measures.

· Dedicate certain staff members to disinfect high contact surfaces throughout the establishment and disinfection of tables between parties

· Refrain from using pre-set tableware

· Clean and disinfect coolers, to-go containers, and delivery vehicles often

· Verify ware-washing machines are operating at the required wash and rinse temperatures and with the appropriate sanitizers each day

· Require all employees in contact with patrons to wear cloth face coverings and gloves during their shift and change them after touching patron items

· Recommend all employees in the dish washing room to wear face shields in addition to face coverings and gloves

· Inform staff regarding when they should stay home or when they should leave work due to illness

· Make sure a procedure is in place for contacting your local public health district if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19

What safety guidelines are restaurants following?

Restaurants are expected to adhere to the plans they submitted to Central District Health for reopening which is based on recommendations and guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration. Protocols for restaurants in Idaho can be found here.

Do restaurants offer carryout and delivery options?

Yes. Many eateries expanded their takeout and delivery operations when in-person dining was restricted, and they continue to offer this service as a convenience to customers. There is also Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub available throughout the Boise Metro area for delivery. For a list of restaurants and their current offers, please visit

Are Boise attractions open for visitors?

Yes. Most attractions in Boise are open for visitors, but at limited capacities or with some restrictions. Some may also require reservations, so please visit the attraction’s webpage that you are interested in for more information and advanced ticket purchasing options.

For a list of City of Boise services and facilities that are open, visit

What is the shopping situation in Boise?

Most stores are open, while following these guidelines to reduce risk of spread of COVID:

· Requiring masks (when entering indoor spaces)

· Establishing hours of operations for vulnerable populations

· Limiting numbers of patrons in the business at a time

· Directing the flow of traffic in the business

· Use of signage and barrier protection to limit movement and maintain distancing

Some businesses have added services such as delivery, online/phone ordering, and curbside pickup. For a list of open stores and their current offers, please visit