Quick Refresher: What’s a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid meetings and events create a two-dimensional environment—one with an in-person component and a virtual online component. Essentially, one event…two experiences for attendees.

Some Advantages of Hybrid & Virtual Events

• Greater attendee reach due to remote capabilities
• Can be more cost-effective for attendees and planners
• Offer short-term flexibility within the planning process

• Create new opportunities to engage attendees
• Promote eco-friendliness and sustainability

What Planners Need to Execute Seamlessly

You'll need the tech and the team. The two-events-in-one strategy requires an orchestration of all the right elements (there can be a lot going on!). With all of the advantages and opportunities of hybrid and virtual events comes new challenges for planners.

You need venues with the best technology infrastructure, adequate power, reliable A/V capabilities, incredibly fast internet speed and more. You need a ready and equipped team to facilitate the hybrid or virtual experience and help alleviate the stress of planning. You need a destination that can do it all.

Boise Centre

With the infrastructure and increased bandwidth to accommodate simultaneous streamed events, Boise Centre is a smart choice for hybrid and virtual events.

Idaho's largest convention facility and Smart Meetings' Best Conference Center for 2020 is fresh off of a $47 million renovation and expansion and includes 31 versatile meeting rooms.

The Centre's professional team of in-house audiovisual and IT experts are ready to assist with a wide range of video conferencing and streaming services. Couple those services with the building's robust network infrastructure—2.5 GB burstable and up to 5 GB coming in September 2020—and you've got access to a seamless meeting experience both onsite and from locations across the globe.

We Can Help

Our team at Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau understands that hybrid events are immersive experiences and take different tactics for both in-person and virtual attendees. If you're new to this form of planning, we can help support your event’s transition into the hybrid or virtual space by:

• Working with the right hoteliers and vendors to help accommodate your unique hybrid or virtual event
• Providing insights for attendee engagement and networking in the online space
• Providing ideas for digital benefits to help you add value to your sponsors
• Supporting contingency planning

If someone on our team can't help you with exactly what you need, then we'll pull from our community resources as well as virtual and hybrid event experts to ensure a successful event.