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Boise Basques

With an estimated 15,000 Basque residents it's no wonder that Boise dedicated an entire block to the Basques. Located in downtown Boise on Grove Street between Capitol Blvd. and 6th Street, the Basque Block is home to two Basque restaurants, Bar Gernika and Leku Ona, the Basque Museum and Cultural Center and the Basque Market.  Grove Street was even painted the traditional green and red and emblazoned with a large "Laubduru," the Basque cross. 

Preserving the traditions and customs of the Basque culture are no more evident than with the Oinkari Dancers.  This local dance troupe  preserves and performs the unique dances of their ancient heritage both regionally and internationally.

This active community coordinates several festivities like the annual Sheepherder's Ball, Wine Fest and St. Ignatius Basque Festival.  Jaialdi is held in Boise every five years.  Jaialdi which means "Festival," is  world famous and Boise's largest cultural event.  It draws thousands of Basques from all over the world and celebrates the Basque culture through food, music and dance.  It's also known for it's sporting competitions as international athletes descend on Boise to compete in the popular wood chopping and strength events.